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We deliver trending and informative posts across popular social media platforms. This enables us to help you maximise your social media presence and outreach.

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How Open Days Help

Patients can enjoy services at your clinic with several features that make promoting your services easier.


We will promote your smile makeover services across various social media platforms by delivering original and creative posts.


Our team will use the best marketing strategies to promote your Dental implant services to potential leads to help increase your clientele.


We will plan and execute effective marketing strategies to promote your facial aesthetic services to existing and new patients.

Ad-tivity Dental SEO Marketing Agency hosts your Open Day events to promote your services to the right potential patients. We communicate directly with your team to promptly pass patients’ details as they book appointments.

Our Unique Process:

Ad-tivity Dental Marketing Company has a unique process that utilises the knowledge and experience we have gained over the years. We will make your Dental clinic a success.

Open Days


Based on your area, our experts analyse and identify the best campaigns to run on different social media platforms. We plan and execute event management and marketing strategies that help achieve your goals through a successful Open Day event.

Open Days


Our team will communicate directly with your team to plan, organise, and establish a successful event structure. This enables us to pass on the collected patient information to the right person. This helps to get patients booked in promptly.

Open Days


We will launch the Open Day event once we have all the elements of our event management and marketing plans in place. Our strategy is to use the Open Day to create a buzz in your local community to get more engagement, interest, and patient bookings.

Open Days


We will analyse the results from each Open Day event and optimise them for subsequent events every three months. Based on the performance, we will discuss future marketing campaigns so that we can identify ways to maximise opportunities.

You Set The Date And We'll Handle The Rest

An Open Day event is your opportunity to shine and give existing and new patients an experience to remember. It helps create a lasting positive impression and build stronger relationships with patients. 


An open day is a marketing strategy that allows you to promote specific Dental treatments to new and existing patients alike. 

Yes, you can suggest specific Dental treatments you would like to promote. Our team will be more than happy to discuss and plan the best strategies for each practice to get them more attention on the Open Day.

We are always open to listening to what our clients want and merging their ideas with ours. Feel free to tell us what you would like and we will work with you to make your idea a reality with tangible results.

Yes, your team will be involved with our Open Day plans. This is important to us because we need to connect with the people who will receive the patient information as we collect it and book them in for appointments.

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