Patient Booking

Convert your leads into paying patients
Patient Booking
How Ad-tivity works

Once you sign up for our services, we handle all your clinic’s enquiries and help patients book directly into your system. We also send them reminders of their scheduled appointments.

We handle all the work; you handle the patients.
Patient Booking
Ad-tivity manages communication between patients and your medical aesthetic clinic

Ad-tivity takes care of all enquiries coming through our marketing campaigns to ensure that the leads turn into paying patients.

You do not need to worry about handling booking appointments. We will handle it to make sure you do not lose any leads.

Our team answer all patients' queries, gathers information, and books appointments

Our experienced agents have extensive knowledge of various medical aesthetic treatments.

We attend to the leads to nurture them and transfer their appointments directly to your booking system.

This helps put everything in one place and enables you to stay on top of your bookings.

Patient Booking
Patient Booking
We follow up with all your leads:
Our team supports you in every way possible

Our team collaborates with you to make sure you are comfortable with our marketing campaigns.

 We work according to your preferred services and market the ones you want us to promote.

 Our team handles the calls and enquiries by potential patients so that you do not have to do it yourself.

 We work with your clinic’s existing booking system and operation scheme to ensure smooth services.

Patient Booking

Do you want your Dental clinic to have more patients so that you get more return on investment (ROI)? Do you want to invest in Dental marketing services that get you results? If yes, you are at the right place.

At Ad-tivity we plan Dental digital marketing strategies to get you genuine leads for your Dental clinic. We aim to provide you the maximum benefit from our services. Our team of Dental marketing experts deep-dive into your existing online presence and analyse the services and products you offer. We use this data to plan our marketing strategies to make your prospective customers see added value in choosing you over your competitors. If we detect any pain points in the evaluation process, we resolve them.

Lead generation is not as easy as it seems. There are numerous companies offering the same services as us, but we have the edge. We are not just digital marketing experts; we are Dentists ourselves. We understand your business better than many other online marketers. We have gained considerable experience through the numerous challenges we faced marketing Dental practices of numerous clients. We know the best ways to generate more leads, leading to more ROI.

There are 4 important steps in the process of Dental marketing.

Patient Booking

We help you find and connect with the type of patients you want. Researching and profiling the ideal target audience allows us to analyse and plan your next lead generation campaign strategy. For this, we use data collected using different tools.


People rely on social media to get the best suggestions whenever they need your services. We plan social media marketing campaigns with engaging posts that increase brand awareness and lead generation.


Google Ads and Search Engine Optimisation are the most important and results-driven Dental marketing strategies we recommend. They help get your business website in the top search results on Google and increase traffic. More traffic means more leads and more conversions.


Dental Digital marketing is all about using strategies like Google Ads (PPC) and Facebook ads to put your business in front of potential leads. It is a paid service and very effective in directing more traffic to your website and creating brand awareness.


We are all about making sure you succeed. For several years, we have helped numerous Dental clinics grow.

Ad-tivity believes in giving its customers the best professional Dental marketing services backed by results.

Yes, we highly recommend you sign up. When you choose Ad-tivity, we try to make your life as easy as possible by handling all your marketing needs. When done right, Dental marketing makes your journey to success steady and successful. It is the most cost-effective way to promote your Dental practice.

Moreover, success or failure is easily measurable. Using the data that we gather during the Patient Booking system, we always reevaluate  and optimise the strategies for better results.

- Our team is always there to make the process smooth

- We save you the hassle of attending to enquiries

- Our Patient Booking service reduces the risk of losing potential patients

There are four simple steps to getting started with Ad-tivity

1.      Tell us when we can have a call to get you onboard

2.      We perform in-depth evaluations of your Dental practice

3.      Our Dental marketing experts plan the best strategies for your business

4.      We manage the entire setup process and make it seamless while you focus on treating patients

As a Dentist, satisfied customers are your priority. Managing the Dental marketing process at the same time can be difficult and requires experience.. Let the experts handle it while you do what you are great at - treating your patients. Dental marketing agencies have a lot of experience and can make the process easier and effective.

Many factors affect the cost - like demographics, the type of services you offer, and location. However, as a recommendation, the general effective internal and external marketing budget should be between 3-6% of the top-line budget.

Generally, digital Dental marketing includes Search Engine Optimisation, Google Advertising, Facebook (& Instagram) Advertising, and Social Media Management For Dentists. Ad-tivity offers all these and has years of experience in this industry.

We highly recommend Google ads for dental practice because it is one of the most successful and effective online marketing strategies. It leads to more website traffic, increasing the visibility of your businessonline and the chances of getting potential leads and conversions. Moreover, you only have to pay when someone clicks your link in the ad, making it very cost-effective.

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