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Google Ads | PPC for Dentists

PPC or Pay Per Click for Dentists is a proven online marketing strategy that gets results fast. It leads to more website traffic and increases the potential of getting paying clients. We deliver optimised Google ads that lead to more potential patients for your practice.

More Traffic

PPC helps drive about 73% more website traffic which means more lead generation.

More Leads

Leads generated through PPC ads have a higher potential to convert into patients.

PPC Services Includes:

Planned Campaigns

Our PPC Dentist services are designed to generate leads. Here is what our process includes:

Pay Per Click Google Ads (PPC)


Our team conducts an in-depth competitor analysis and keyword research to plan your PPC campaigns.

Pay Per Click Google Ads (PPC)


Our experienced team designs landing pages and sales funnels with high conversion potential to get the most out of your campaigns.

Pay Per Click Google Ads (PPC)


Our experienced PPC experts observe ad performances and optimise the ads to get the most relevant leads.

Pay Per Click Google Ads (PPC)


You only pay Google when someone sees and clicks on your ad link. This makes PPC advertising a very cost-effective strategy for lead generation.

Pay Per Click Google Ads (PPC)


We plan campaigns to get more patients and make your business visible to the right patients. This requires years of experience.

Pay Per Click Google Ads (PPC)


Writing ad copies that lead to more engagement and conversion is not easy. Our skilled and experienced team writes copies that convert.

Pay Per Click Google Ads (PPC)


Finding what leads to more conversions is all about testing and optimising. We run A/B tests to find what clicks with your target audience.

Pay Per Click Google Ads (PPC)


Our team integrates and sets up all data tracking tools to gather insights that help design and run better PPC campaigns.

Pay Per Click Google Ads (PPC)


We provide our customers with monthly reports about their PPC ad campaigns. This helps them understand how we maximised their budget to get results.

Benefits of Dental PPC

Pay Per Click Google Ads (PPC)

Increased Targeting Accuracy

PPC Ads allow high-precision audience targeting, using campaigns designed to target specific segments

Pay Per Click Google Ads (PPC)

Get Leads That Convert

PPC for Dentists generates high-quality leads by making your practice visible to people searching for your services.

Pay Per Click Google Ads (PPC)

Increased Competitive Edge

Through competitor analysis, we plan campaigns that win more potential patients than your competition.

Pay Per Click Google Ads (PPC)

Less CPA & More ROI

Google PPC ads offer less CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) and increase ROI and revenue generation.

Get Your Dental Practice to the Top of Search Engines with PPC

We understand what you need when we create your ad campaigns because we have years of experience in this industry. Our PPC specialists plan the PPC campaigns to help you show to the top of search results and drive more leads to your website.

At Ad-tivity Dental Marketing Agency, we are certified Google Ads marketers with experience in creating ad copies, banner ads, display ads, and video ads. Our team of Dental marketing experts plan, design, and optimize ad extensions, targeting options, and bid strategies to create ads that perform very well. No matter which Dental care services you want to promote, our PPC experts will help generate more leads and attract new patients. We use every Digital Marketing medium like Social Media For Dentist, Dental SEO and PPC to reach potential clients.

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Remarketing Your Dental Practice Across the Web

Remarketing is one of the most important aspects of digital advertising. It enables you to show your ads to people who have visited your website but did not take any action. Our team targets those specific people and offer them something better to reengage them and make them change their mind. This leads to the generation of high-quality leads.

In addition to Google Ads for Dentists, we also offer social media advertising (Facebook and Instagram). Feel free to get in touch with us to discuss how this can help your practice grow.

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Pay Per Click means that you only pay Google when people click on your ad. It is one of the most effective and results-driven online marketing strategies which works for all businesses. Essentially, you are paying Google for getting your ads in front of your target audience. When someone clicks on the link and goes to your website, you pay Google for getting traffic.

Compared to other advertising services online, Google ads are expensive. However, when done right they are the most effective way of getting patients of your choice. As a Dental PPC agency, we have mastered the art of setting up campaigns that get great results.

The success of pay-per-click for Dentists depends on ensuring good searchability, avoiding using the wrong keyword type, tracking results, and constant monitoring and optimisation. Our years of experience in running Dental Google ads enables us to get great results by overcoming these challenges.

Our customer reviews speak for us. We do not make empty promises. We offer PPC for Dentists to get results and save costs. It is our goal to create long-lasting and trusting relationships with our clients. Moreover, as Dentists ourselves, we know exactly what you need for your practice to succeed.

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